If you are running your own faucet, you will probably sooner or later get into contact with bots. Unfortunately bots are really part of the business and they can ruin you. Here I give you a couple of tips that I used myself:

A low payout level

It is mainly the high paying faucets that are attacked by bots. For a bot attack you often need real people that fill the captchas. You can buy them by the thousands. Give a rather low payout and bots will pass you by.

Check your stats

Check your stats in your faucetbox dashboard regularly so that you realize when you are attacked. If you are attacked stop your faucet immediately by erasing the payouts for example.

Put a limit

In your faucetbox account you can put a payout limit per 30 minutes. Check how much you pay out average and fix this limit a bit above. Like this you are protected up to a certain point even if you are not around.

Increase Security

Security is not really a matter of which captcha service you use. Also forget any Javascript or Jquery protection because they are in the source code and its quite easy to go around them. Install an additional security at the server level. There is a precise instruction how to adapt your script and add antibot links under the following address: http://bit.makejar.com/labs/anti-bot-links-202/install.php. Before you put it online however, you should make sure that you use your own personalized antibot links.